The Writing Olympics

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Hi guys! So, me and Thais thought of a really cool thing called: The Writing Olympics! Basically, me, Thais, Adelina, and Angela shall have a writing marathon and we will be competing against each other, and you guys will be commenting and telling us who the winner is. We will also be having team writing, too! So I hope you will enjoy the future series of The Writing Olympics! Also as a reminder, we will be having pen names, which are fake names writers have.

Pen Names:

Helen: Cyra

Adelina: Featherdrift

Thais: Potato and Bepper

Angela: Erin



10 thoughts on “The Writing Olympics

    • Oh no, Thais! We totally didn’t know there are only three people left! I totally don’t know how to count! (That was sarcasm)

  1. Um, should I say yay for you including me on there? ):< that was weird I just cringed so hard umm I'm just saying random stuff ;3

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