Things I Just Realized

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So, another random post about things I just realized recently! Enjoy!

#1 We cook bacon and bake cookies (say: cook bacon bake cookies slowly if you don’t understand)…

#2 The Hunger Games series has 3 books, 23 people died each year in the games, and there are 12 districts. The Hunger Games movie came out on 3/23/12.

#3 Think about it, the brain technically named itself.

#4 The nursery rhythm never said Humpty Dumpty was an egg…

#5 The work “ok” is a sideways person.

#6 (This is probably just me…)OMG, you, like, totally read this in an annoying girl’s voice!

#7 Think of a number, double it, add six, divide it by two, subtract the number you started with from it, your answer is three.

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