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Hey guys! So I said only part one was published for my story Everglades, but it’s going to be the only part. Sorry if you liked the story, but I guess I just kinda lost inspiration for it. I had no ideas (since you guys don’t ever comment stories ideas ?)! But I had recently started reading the Divergent series so I wrote this story. You can call it a fan fiction, but I don’t think it’s that alike… Anyway, enjoy!

P.S: Please comment story ideas! When I have writer’s block, I have seriously bad writer’s block. The last one almost killed me, so if you don’t want me to die, comment! Thanks!

P.P.S: What do you guys think about a part two for Soul??

So this is how it’s going to be, huh? Well, you can change our actions, but you can’t change our soul! I snarled angrily in my head. I’ve had absolutely enough of Adrian and Halo. Heck, I’m actually wishing I was a Horn or a White Blade. Stomping out of the Caliper Room, I made a beeline for Willow-Birch; Willow-Birch was an extremely pale birch tree. I called it Willow because my brother had mixed it up with a willow tree. I know, you’re probably thinking I’m so delusional that I’m naming nature now; but I have to admit, I’m a bit lonely. Whether it’s because I’m so much more a Horn than a Halo, or I’m just a strange girl who lost her marbles, I really stand out as the weirdo, the oddball, the misfit. And it’s not always that nice to be different.

On Willow-Birch perched a crude looking tree house. My brother and I had built it a few years ago; it was the last thing we did together before he left.Without hesitation, I grabbed the ladder and made my way up. This place had brought back so many memories of the past, even if it wasn’t there to witness or experience it. The floorboards creaked in protest as I trudged in the treehouse. I eyed the photo album of only me and my brother but decided against it. A squirrel made a loud thump as it landed on the roof of the treehouse and I nearly jumped out of my skin. I was always nervous and jumpy whenever I did this, it was against the laws of Halo. Halo Peacekeepers would arrest me if they found out, especially since I had stolen this glass ball. Taking a deep breath, I spoke clearly but quietly, “ Show me Kyle Halo.”

“Hey sis, missed me much?”

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    • Thanks! The story’s coming up!
      And you know what? KK is the only nice person who comments! You’ll be the main character! ?

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