Ruins of Humanity

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Hi guys! I know, this should’ve been a preview or part one of Kythira’s story! Unfortunately, that story is taking me a rather long time… Good news, I started another story! It’s called Ruins of Humanity, and here is the blurb! I hope you like it! ?

This is a tale of a wolf who’s never lived in the wild and has always been fed and taken care of by his works. But one day, he notices that not a single human had fed him all day. Out of hunger, he manages to escape from the only home and family he had known of and finally gets a chance to see the outside world.

However, even the wolf can tell that something is wrong. The world had never been this silent and dead before. The reason? There was not a single human left on the Earth.

Read on as you watch our wolf learns about survival, family, and whether humans were good or evil for what they’d done to our planet.

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