Ruins of Humanity (Chapter 1)

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I am SO sorry for not updating. I haven’t check my blog in so long… But here is the promised chapter! I hope you like it!

P.S: Chapter 2 is still being written!

I woke to the sounds of silence. Yes, silence. 

As a wolf in captivity, I was used to humans and how noisy they were. Every day I would shut my eyes tightly, attempting to drown out the sounds of shuffling feet, phones ringing, and loud strangled sounds of humans talking about needing coffee; but not today. I wonder why?  I peeked shyly at my brother, who was still asleep. After debating to wake him up or not, I walked over and shook him with my paw, hard. I must’ve used a lot of force because Jake tumbled from our nest and landed in a puddle of muddy water. I laughed, which resulted in me being doused in slimy mud. “Hey!” I half growled, half laughed.

“That’s what you get!” Jake snapped playfully and pounced on me. “Why did you wake me up?!”

I waited for him to notice.

Jake froze, “where are the humans?” He quickly got off me and jogged to the fence of our little plot of land. “There’s no one here.”

I quickly joined him, “what do we do?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, what do we do if the humans don’t come today?”

Jake considered it for a moment, “maybe we could break out and -“

“And hunt?” I cut him off, “are you crazy? We’ve never been out in the wild before!”

“We’re at the top of the food-chain!” Jake argued, “we could do it… You never know.”

I shook my head, “no way. We’re just going to get lost, starve, and die.”


But I was already walking away from him and back to our cozy nest.

Jake was the most impulsive wolf of the litter. He loved adventure and was the first pup to wander out of the nest our mother had lived in. Unfortunately, our litter of five soon became a litter of two. The oldest pup was disabled because there was something wrong with his legs, the humans had taken him away at few day after our eyes opened. The second youngest had died at birth. Our youngest sister was perfectly fine, except a few days after mother died, she was gone as well.

I plopped down on the stack of hay, unsure of what to do. Usually, we would have been eating breakfast, then training, then we would get to go visit the twins Connor and Finick, who were a set of twin wolves in captivity, too.

I haven’t been this worried and annoyed since that time Connor threw up blue grass all over me.


The moon had almost made her way to the middle of the sky, but still, no one came to check on us.

“I’m starving!” Jake complained. Any wolf who didn’t know us would’ve thought I was older. Jake was the most immature wolf I’ve met, taking second place after Connor.

“So am I!” I snapped. The only thing we’ve had all day was water from the pond.

“Storm,” Jake looked me right in the eye, “what if the humans had abandoned us? What if they aren’t coming back? Are we just going to starve to death?!”

“Now you think it could happen,” I muttered.

“Isn’t it better to die trying?” Jake persisted.

I ignored him and dug my head into the hay, trying to block out everything. And I fell into an uneasy sleep to the sound of my heartbeat.


I woke up in the middle of the night, gasping for breath. I turned, searching for Jake’s comfort, only to find what made my heart race.

The spot where Jake should be was empty. 

I was on my feet bolting for the fence, and I was right. There was a small hole, covered in weeds, but it was big enough.

Jake was gone.

But what made it worse was the fact that he’d left without me. 

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