Capstone – Picking a Topic

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Hi guys! Today I’m going to be posting about my Capstone! Capstone is basically an independent, end-of-the-year research project. And I will be telling you about how I chose, my topic.

Our Capstone topic was due tomorrow, and I had no idea what I was going to do. I needed a topic that I liked, is interesting, and researchable. I was panicking, what if I couldn’t find a topic? I thought about the time when I had found a good research topic on the internet, so I decided to surf the web.

In the end, after lots of searching, trial and error, and panicking, I found my topic. After looking through YouTube, I saw a video about how video games can be good for you, and I thought it would be a cool topic to study. I was a gamer, so I’ve listened to my parents telling me about why video games are bad for you for a long time. Learning about the good sides of gaming sounded very interesting, and I’m sure lots of kids will agree with me.

The next day, I proposed my idea to my teacher, Mr. Besancon, and it was approved. The Capstone museum is coming in less than 2 weeks, and I can’t wait for everyone to see my project! I really like my topic, and I hope everyone else will too.


Video Games

Ever a Friend

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Hi everyone! I’m back! I know, I took a long break, sorry. But I’ve been trying to get Thais, Adelina, Angela, and Anjali to finish their part for the Writing Olympics… But here is a story I wrote awhile ago, enjoy!

P.S: This is somewhat a Maze Runner fan fiction so…


An inhuman howl ripped through the night.

“Willow, no!”

I took a step back from my best friend Willow. One minute she was perfectly fine, next she had her knife out and was snarling from me to go.

“Run,” came her strangled cry, “before I kill you!”

“Why?! What’s wrong with you?!” But the truth dawned on me even before I asked.

She gave me a smile, but her eyes were crazed, broken, “it’s got me.”

I swallowed the lump in my throat, “maybe we can get you to the hospital, or… or…” Or what?

A growl up off my sentence, “too late! The madness has taken over.” Her shrill cry nearly deafened me.

Suddenly, Willow stumbled forward and her knife clattered out of her hand, landing on the mossy ground. I reached out to help her out, but she reeled back, avoiding my hand.

“Don’t, don’t touch me!”

I let my hands fall limply at my sides, staring in horror at what used to be my best friend. Within minutes, she had become a crazy, insane, animal-like human. The Flare has definitely gotten her.

“Please,” I begged. “Come back! What about your family?!” I realized in sadness at what Willow’s parents would have to suffer through, their only daughter with the Flare.

“Lena!” This time Willow’s voice was a hoarse whisper. “Lena, please.” She started to yell again, her voice becoming more and raspier.

“Willow…” Fear closed around my stomach and it spread through my body, filling me with terror. I couldn’t bring myself to run away, from my only best friend.

Willow’s eyes were desperate, “Lena, please. Kill me.”

I froze, did Willow really say that? No, “what-”

Willow doubled over, clutching her head, “Listen!”

She took a rattly breath and straightened out as much as she could, “I can’t live like this forever. Please Lena, if I was ever a friend, kill me.”

She stuffed her knife into my hand, “do it.”

I looked into Willow’s eyes, shattered, forever. She doesn’t want to live anymore, “as your last favor?” My hand was shaking so hard I thought I was going to drop her knife.

“Last favor.”

Before I could change my mind, I plunged the knife into my best friend’s chest.

She fell to the ground and I knelt next to her, “thank you.”

She gave me the smile I always thought of her with, “Willow…” I couldn’t swallow the lump in my throat.

“Lena, thank you.”

I took her hand as she closed her eyes, forever.

The Writing Olympics

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Hi guys! So, me and Thais thought of a really cool thing called: The Writing Olympics! Basically, me, ThaisAdelina, and Angela shall have a writing marathon and we will be competing against each other, and you guys will be commenting and telling us who the winner is. We will also be having team writing, too! So I hope you will enjoy the future series of The Writing Olympics! Also as a reminder, we will be having pen names, which are fake names writers have.

Pen Names:

Helen: Cyra

Adelina: Featherdrift

Thais: Potato and Bepper

Angela: Erin




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Hello, everyone! I have an awesome story idea so I’m gonna write it for you! Yeah… so… enjoy. I really don’t have anything else to say. Please comment and tell me if you liked it.

Not her. It wasn’t her that saved Jamie; it was me. I was Jamie’s best friend, I grew up with her, went to the scary therapist with her, and played with her when no one else would. But those days were too good to last, she forgot me. When she turned 7 she started playing with some other girl, and I was left in the dust. Forgotten. When she was 7, she still talked with me, but she was distant, more and more with every year. I started hating Jamie’s birthdays, but she grew without me; 7, 8, 9. Today was the day of her 10th birthday. I was left, still, at age 7, she was all grown up, double digits. I dreaded, feared, and was terrified of this day. I watched as my happy, joyful Jamie blew out her candles, I watched as she opened her presents, and watched as she stared into the sky and its stars. I watched as she fell asleep, never even bothering with me. Forgotten. I was becoming more and more transparent by the minute. And when midnight struck, I was gone. Forgotten. The pain, knowing that I wasn’t real, knowing that I was only an imaginary friend to Jamie. I was forgotten. Faded.

Leap Year War

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Quick story, sorry about no video yesterday… Anyway, this is just a short story about if vampires went to war against werewolves. Enjoy!?

The full moon of February 29 was approaching rapidly, that meant the Leap Year War was approaching, too. Every leap year, there would be a war of vampires against werewolves. Lycaon, the king werewolf, pacing nervously, looked out at the full moon. Lydia, his daughter, walked calmly up to him.

“We have tonight, at the least,” she reported. “The vampires would try to attack in daylight to avoid the moon.”

The old king sighed wearily, “Are the runners ready?”


“The warriors?”


The king of wolves nodded but was still frowning, “I heard the vampires have bitten children this year.”

Lydia gasped, “but that’s against the Ancient Laws!”

“What do you expect?” Lycaon growled, “vampires do not play… fair.”

“What can we do?” Lydia snarled.

The king looked older than ever, “nothing.”

My Immigration Podcast

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This is the story of an immigrant named Zulmira. She is a normal mother, wife, and friend. But what sets her apart is that she is an immigrant from Brazil. No, she wasn’t fleeing her country. Nor did she experience any exciting things in her journey to America. But Zulmira had to do something very brave that all immigrants needed to do: assimilate. Now, let’s hear her story in a short podcast call “New Generation.”



“New Generation”

(Part of a 5B Immigrant Voices)

By Helen He

Anjali:  Immigration is talked about on the news almost everyday, though pretty much the only things they talk about are undocumented immigrants or illegal immigrants and how they are untrustworthy and taking American’s jobs. That could be true for some immigrants, but we shouldn’t just generalize all immigrants are bad. America is made by immigrants and their children. They immigrated to create a better future for themselves and their families. Though something we never really hear about is how those immigrants have to overcome the many difficulties in order to have a stable life in America. Immigrating is much harder than you would expect. All the arrangements and preparations. Having to leave your family and prized possessions. Then when you finally arrive at America, having to settle down and blend in. Today, we are going to hear about a Brazilian immigrant and how she worked through those obstacles. Here is Helen with the story.  

Helen:  Thank you Anjali. Zulmira, a mom and wife, didn’t really come to America for safety, freedom, or things like that. Actually, it was just her job. Yes, there are many advantages to living in America, but if she didn’t receive the proposal, she probably would’ve stayed in Brazil. But coming here had advantages, and it was quite an experience with many ups and downs.

Zulmira:  I decide to leave because I received a very good, uh, professional propose and I thought also that will be good also to provide to my daughter an experience to live abroad and also to have a different education. And those are the main reasons should be here.

Helen:  There was nothing wrong with her life in Brazil. In fact, Zulmira likes Brazil and is fine with her life there.

Zulmira:  Uh, my life in Brazil was pretty good, so I had a lot of friends around, and actually I was born there so it was my country. So it was pretty interesting, I grow up there and I had my daughter there. And it’s a great country as well.

Helen:  But because of the proposal, the family packed up and waved goodbye.  

Zulmira:  I would say that my whole family’s there, so it was very hard to left them in another country and see them just once a year.

Helen:  Though the process of coming to America was hard and difficult.

Zulmira: Uh, the process was so heavy and I had to take more than 20 interviews to be here. And uh, very professional people and immigration process. And since I was transferred due to the professional excuse, I need to provide to them many many reasons why they need to choose me and not an American person.

Helen:  Settling down, getting to know everything, and blending in was harder.

Zulmira:  I would say that the disadvantage is that you never know nothing about the new country, and you should learn in the real life. So even to buy a, box of milk, is heavy in the beginning of the, you know, all of this, transition because we are not familiar with the local culture and all of this thing.

Helen:  Of course, blending in wasn’t their first concern. Once the family arrived, they busied themselves by settling down, which isn’t always a piece of cake.

Zulmira:  So, my concern was to set up all of my family. And uh, schools and uh, a job for my husband. And, uh, it was a challenge but we all see this is a great opportunity.

Helen:  After they settled down, they began to try to blend in. Trying to learn the “American ways.” That was not simple. There were many things that made them stand out, and made them seem different. Language, for example, is always something that sets immigrants apart from natives.

Zulmira:  So, I think language is, uh, always a challenge for somebody that just came from another country. Sometimes you don’t know exactly that word, and then your mind just stop. You need to figure out how can you move forward. And I think language is always a challenge for everybody. And, uh, if I can say that the worst experience is related to this.

Helen:  Despite the challenges, time passed and Zulmira and her family have settled down and are very happy and grateful to finally be living in America.

Zulmira:  I’m, I’m very glad to be here and the American people are very welcome, at least with me and my family.

Helen:  People have very different opinions on immigration. But in today’s news, people mostly talk about the problem of “too many immigrants” or “illegal immigration.” There are rarely immigration stories that talk about the difficulties of assimilation, even though it is one of the most important things immigrants need to do. And Zulmira, like all the other immigrants, had to overcome that problem. In the end, through all the ups and downs, Zulmira was happy with the set of circumstances that brought her to America.

Zulmira:  And I think, uh, the whole thing about immigration, I think, happened in the past.  I think now we really are in new, a “new generation.”


The Sholatine Challenge

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Hi! Today we have a challenge! I really hope this turns out well, I’ve never made a challenge before. Anyway, rules are simple, enjoy!


Objective: Guess the 2 people. I know, both are Roman (I’m a greek fan), deal with it!


  1. You cannot use the internet unless absolutely needed.
  2. You must comment on both me AND Thais’s blog (It’s in The Sholatine tab).
  3. When you comment, tell us your name and who you figured out (please no cheating).
  4. Do NOT look at the comments until you are done with the challenge
  5. Have fun!?

Hints (person #1):

  • Her name in Latin means she-wolf
  • She is a wolf goddess
  • Name starts with L


Hints (person #2):

  • He is the king of wolves in Roman Mythology
  • He used to be a cruel king, transformed by Zeus
  • Name also starts with L


There you go! The challenge is open until 3/26/2017, comments after that are not used. The ones that have completed this task will get a character in our story! Precisely, if you guess person #1, you get a character. If you guess person #2, you get a character that survives to death match. Hope you liked the challenge! See ya!??

Sadly, I didn’t draw that. All rights go to its owner.


The Sholatine

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Hey guys! Not gonna say much, my imagination is already completely used up (I wrote at least 3 1/2 pages today). So going right to the topic, I changed the Sample Page into Other Blogs because… I dunno, I just did. And also, I add a new page called The Sholatine! I liked it better than the wolf story (sorry if you really loved that story?)so I gave it a page. Also because it was too long for a post and it was still work in progress. I wrote the story with my friend Thais. She wrote Avery’s P.O.V, while I wrote Emmaline’s. Please check it out and comment! Love ya all, peace!?


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Hello, people! Here’s another story written by me (the snowy beast symbolizes something). Hope you like it. Please give me some ideas in the comments, thanks again! Here it comes:


Run! That was the only thing I could do. I ran as the snowy beast chased after me. I dodged trees and jumped over streams. Running and running. It’s been months, still running. I was dead on my feet, the monster was as energized as ever. Could I outrun it? The snow was closing in. I knew in my heart that I couldn’t run away, but I ignored it and kept going. That was the only thing I could do. Run.


Percy’s Warning

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I used to be(and still am a little)totally obsessed with Percy Jackson. This story was inspired by some fan fiction I saw on the internet. I only changed a bit of the details, so this belongs to its owner. It’s short, enjoy!?


“Look, I didn’t want to be a half-blood.

If you’re reading this because you think you might be one, my advice is: close this book right now. Believe whatever lie your mom or dad told you about your birth, and try to lead a normal life.

Being a half-blood is dangerous. It’s scary. Most of the time, it gets you killed in painful, nasty ways.”

I looked but from my book. The rest of the seven were just enjoying life. Annabeth was leaning on my shoulder, reading. Leo was petting Festus(don’t ask how he fits in the house). Jason and Piper were looking outside and quietly whispering to each other. Frank and Hazel were making a scrapbook. I smiled and picked up my pencil again.

Then again, I met all of my friends as a demigod. Plus…

I chuckled, and everyone stared at me.

The are worse things you could be.


(Left to right)

Octavian, Reyna, Leo, Piper, Jason, Percy, Annabeth, Frank, Hazel, Nico, and Thalia!