Yet Another Useless Post

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Hello, wonderful people of the world!

Okay, let’s get straight to it.

So, I probably won’t be posting for a REALLY long time. I just started middle school, and I just don’t think I will be able to blog regularly…

  1. The Videos of the Week will end, but you know where I get the videos! Youtube! I’m sure you can search it up yourself.
  2. I noticed that I start a lot of stories but never finish them… Well, that’s me! I’m sorry if you were hoping for more on certain stories, but I encourage you to try finishing them!

This is pretty much it for now… I’m really sorry, but this is life. ? I do like blogging and this (I hope) isn’t the end. I’ll try to find more stuff to write about soon!

A Useless Post that You Probably Won’t Read

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So… This post is completely useless. Not a story, or notice, or video. I’m just telling you guys about why I haven’t posted.

So if you guys didn’t know, I have horrible wifi and my blog wasn’t letting me log in… But I assure you that I’m not dead, and I will update soon with Kythira’s story! And that’s pretty much it for now, YOLO!

P.S: I just realized that this is my first post in Uncategorized. LOL!