Welcome to 2016-2017!

It’s a brand new school year! I’m so exited for this years blog. I also do hope my writing will be better and you will like it. Oh, and my name is Kevin and I ‘m in forth grade. This year my class will write stories and lots of other things. It will be much better than last year. I do want to be able to post some fiction year because I thick fiction is more fun and interesting. Please if you read this don’t just read and never come back maybe you can check the blog once a week. Also keep in mind that the writing that will see in from a forth grader so don’t be disappointed if we don’t write like the best authors in the world. I will do my best to write the best I’ve ever wrote but don’t get your hopes up to early.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to 2016-2017!

  1. It’s a great post because you did a great job on explaining how you feel about the school year. Just saying forth is spelled like fourth. Overall you did a great job on the post. I hope you have a good school year.

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