Super bowl!!!!!!!!!!!

Super bowl is coming for everyone! Get ready. this years super bowl is ATLANTA FALCONS vs NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS! This is 51. My class doesn’t like patriots but I like Patriots than Falcons.「super bowl 2017 patriots vs falcons」の画像検索結果     Patriots is strongest team this year so I think it was easy to come up. Patriots have lot of famous and good player. As an example #12 Tom Brady(QB), #11 best wide receiver Julian Edelman(WR).Falcons is strong at offense. Good player is #2 Matt Ryan(QB), #11 Julio Jones and so fast, #24 Devonta Freeman.「houston super bowl 2017」の画像検索結果                                                                 Super bowl will be in Houston stadium.「houston super bowl 2017」の画像検索結果

It will be super fun so don’t miss it!



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  1. That sounds cool! We played football for recese when we were in 2nd grade. If someone brings a football and the field is not muddy, someone might play.

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