super bowl!!!!!!! It was a such a good game.

 There was a super bowl this week.
Think that some people do not see the Super Bowl so I will explain it.
First quarter was 0-0 point.they didn’t score.(Falcons0-Patriots0)

Second quarter,Falcons made three touch down. Patriots made a field goal too.(21-3)

Then it was a half time show. This year, Lady GaGa came and sang. It was amazing.

 From here are the main points.
Third quarter they both made a touch down. But S.Gostkowski(#3 Patriots kicker)missed the kick so Patriots was 6 point.(28-9)
The last, forth quarter I think everyone thought that Patriots will lose.Because Patriots are 19 points away.But Patriots were strong. Last they made almost 3 touch down.It was tie. But it’s a super bowl, it will be in to the over time.I learned that the super bowl go in to the over timer the first time in history.(28-28)
In over time Patriots receive first time(That mean Patriots can attack first.
They advanced at a good tempo. Last J.White(#28Patriots running back) ran for the win and two yard touch down.
 Falcons did a so good job too. First and second quarter Falcons was unilaterally winning. But the rest of the time Patriots came over.
  I will explain about Tom Brady too. He is a amazing player.He entered the seventh Super bowl which is the most number in QB history,has the most 5-time domination and the 4th Super Bowl MVP.Also the 13th district championship is also the largest in QB history.He has a best attack player award too.This shows that Tom Brady is a super great player.

Patriots won,

  • Super Bowl 5 times.
  • Conference championship 9 times.
  • Division Championship 19 times.
  • Playoff Appearance 24 times.

And, Patriots head coach is Bill Belichick.

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