The character that I chose that I think was the most significant was Carson Tinsley. Carson is a deaf kid in Christian’s class, and also is his best friend. The reason why they got close was because of Carson’s sense of humor and because they have things in common. Having a humorous friend and a friend who is easy to talk to has always been good since they could talk about a lot of things about each other, and also they could cheer up each other when they are feeling low. The connection they had were football and eating. They both loved football and played on the same team. Their team was 4-4 that season which was a historic moment for the school to have a non-losing season thanks to Carson who was a very big kid.

The reason why I chose Carson was because he is very trustworthy to Christian and also he was one of the only people that he could talk serious things to. Carson knew when kidding around ended and real talk started. One example was when Christian was having a hard time figuring out how he felt about his great grandpa being a part of making the first ever atomic bomb that killed thousands of people. Carson made sure what Christian wanted to know and do specifically so that he won’t be having a hard time. Another time was when he came to the bus that will be going to the airport to go to Japan. He came in just to say good luck on the mission which I thought was amazing. There are two reasons and the first reason why is because he wasn’t able to go to Japan, so it was amazing to just simply be happy for his friend to go to a school trip. The second is because I thought he was an amazing friend that would use his time just to wish him luck right before he leaves.

To conclude, Carson was an important and a necessary person to Christian who could help him and be there for him whenever he needed him.

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