Imagery and Symbol – Crane

In this book “And Then The Sky Exploded”, I think the Cranes will be the symbol. The Crane that this book is talking about is obviously not a living bird, but it is a paper crane. What’s special about this is that in Japan, there is a belief that if you make exactly 1000 of them, a wish would come true. This belief was known in a lot of places and was used everywhere especially in the hospitals to wish them good luck. This symbol striked me because I can imagine how the people feel when they put those cranes. When you put a crane on, then that means you are hoping things to change, but nothing changes. I thought that people putting on the cranes even though they know it won’t work was very sad.

This was important because by knowing how the people feel when they lose somebody will make other people take an another way to solve problems and not by wars. Another way this is important is that it is easy to make. I thought this was very important when you are trying to make something. It might sound foolish but this is important, that most people can make them.

What the cranes symbolize is hope and peace. The reason why it symbolizes hope is because people think Cranes can make your wishes come true. We use this when we need the hope to overcome whatever obstacles that you need to go through. For example, if people who you know very well is not feeling well in the hospital, you make them cranes so that they could at least get hope. The reason why it also symbolizes peace in this book is because the words on the monument says that the cranes are “our cry, our prayer, and peace in the world. This means that the cranes shows peace. Those were the explanation of the Cranes and how it effects people.

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