My dad and I have a great relationship

Do you think that you have a great relationship with any of your family members well if you don’t this is not the type for you but if you do than you better keep reading. Me and my dad have an awesome relationship because I love reading at night with him and we always repair stuff together. My dad is like a second teacher for riding a bike and sports but he also helps with my homework. Me and my dad once went biking and I could just not get up a hill “dad please wait for me” and I had to get off and walk up and my dad was waiting for me but my sister had ridden off and left us behind. Once me and my dad were at home and my mom was trying to explain something to me but I was just getting so frustrated so my dad sat down and talked calmly to me until I understood it.


My first reason for my relationship with my dad is he reads to me at night and he usually only reads one chapter to me but if it’s exciting  than he will read more. once the book was so exciting that we read the book from cover to cover that was the most he has read to me at night but when we go on airplanes we usually get through one book and the ride ends when we are in the middle of the next one.

Once me and my dad were reading a book and we were reading and reading until my dad put the book down “you have to go to bed now but i’ll read to you tomorrow.”  “please” I begged “ ok i’ll only read one more chapter though” “OK” but soon enough we read the whole book and I was fast asleep.


My second reason is that my dad and me always repair stuff together. Mostly it’s only me but sometimes my sister or my brother  join us. Once we had to move the washing machine and the dryer out for the new ones to came in which were very heavy. We also repair the garage and the `fridge once after it broke but we were able to fix it. We also got new cupboards and me and my dad put them together.

Once me and my dad were at home and the living room was done being fixed but the workers had left the spot were the paint was not painted so we got out the painting supplies  and soon enough the painting was done then we stood back and looked at our work “ This looks good” and my mom came in and she was amazed at our work.


My third reason for my relationship with my dad is he is a great teacher to me he teaches me math and how to ride a bike and he also helps me with sports. My dad gets up in the morning to help with my bike my dad goes to bed late to help  me with math in the afternoon my dad helps with sports. Evan when my dad is sick he will help with math he will help with sports he will help with riding a bike and getting a ball in the basket ball hoop. That is why I think my dad is the best teacher for me.


Even though now I know how to ride a bike and I know some math I don’t even do sports anymore but my dad is still a teacher to me. I still fix things with my dad even though I know how to myself but I still do it even though I can read my dad still reads to me. No matter how old I get I will still have a great relationship with my dad.

Colonial Summary

The main Idea in the article Colonial America is that the Native Americans and the English settlers had different lives.


The Natives were different than the English settlers because the English settlers thought that when you got land you had it forever but the Natives had a different thoughts they thought that when you got land it was not yours forever. They also traded stuff together the English gave the Natives iron and the Natives gave them furs and food.


The settlers came to america to get gold but sadly they didn’t find any gold and almost got wiped out by a sickness and starving. After them the pilgrims came for religious freedom and churches. Soon there were so many settlers that there was barely room for the Natives.


The next people that came were the african slaves that were captured and sold they also did normal household jobs. The slaves were also told to work in tobacco farms.


All these people had all these different lives and I bet it was hard to survive.


Current Event

Title : The longest sledding run in the world

Source : Kids NY Times

Article Date : 1/27/19

News Type : National

Summary : the worlds longest sledding run is a three hour hike from the gondola station to the trails mountain in the Swiss Alps. they say “once you strap on your helmet and jump on your wooden sled things get a lot faster .” most of the thousands of people that vist the trail each year stop for hot chocolate or take amazing mountain peaks. Others multitask one of  the sledders shouted as he came down the mountains “this is going to be my screen saver.

personal response: I chose this article because it popped out and all the others were dull. I also chose it because I love sledding but I’ve never gone on a big sledding hill I’ve only gone on the small hills in my neighborhood.

The important thing about Henry Hudson

The important thing about Henry Hudson is that he is a


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His goal was to find the North West passage and the North East passage.

On his first voyage he got blocked by ice.

He sailed in the Hudson River. The boat he sailed on was called the Half Moon.

He sailed 4 voyages and on the 4th voyage he sailed up a  river and the river was named after him The Hudson River.

Henry Hudson got left adrift on his boat nobody knows what happened or when he died.

But the important thing about Henry Hudson is that he was an explorer.

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Hello World

Hello World


Hi, my name is Zoe. I’m 9 and I have a brother and a sister. My brother’s name is Nate, and my sister’s name is Sam. Sam is 12,  and Nate is 7 now. I go to Fox meadow school and I really like it there.


I love music. I play the violin and I love it.  It is like I am addicted to doing it but that’s not really true.

One time my violin was so out of tune that my violin teacher had to come to my house to tune it.


I also love making food even though I don’t  know how to make a lot of things, but I still love to make food.  One time I was making pancakes with my sister Sam and we forgot some ingredients so it tasted Horrible!


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