Notes from a liar and her dog


The book I’m reading is Notes From a Liar and Her Dog the main character Antonia is very different from her family she doesn’t look the same and she doesn’t act the same. For her it’s like she’s alone. She convinces herself that she’s adopted when she really isn’t but that gets out of hand and she starts telling everyone she’s adopted. Antonia learns that lying is not the way to solve her problems and she’s  just going to get more problems to deal with.


One of the things that Antonia learns is when the art teacher takes Antonia and her friend Harrison to the zoo to help out but Antonia sneaks her dog Pistachio and the dog gets into the lion cage which causes trouble and  the art teacher has to lie to the zoo manager which makes trouble for the teacher and Antonia gets into a lot of trouble.


One way Antonia thinks lying helps is when she tells her family that she earned money from helping at the Zoo but she really didn’t . her family believed her and now they are sort of jealous. I think this jealousy for money in her family helped Antonia because no one really liked her and now she has told them that she had money when she really didn’t and the sort of like her.


But then again Antonia gets punished for lying when she takes her dog to the vet and puts down the wrong phone number and address so she doesn’t have to pay and her family won’t get contacted for the money. But then she gets to go Zoo again and in the car she can’t hold in the lie the kennels for two weeks. Antonia doesn’t care though because she gets to keep her dog with her. 


But in the end Antonia learns that it’s just going to get worse if she lies so she tells her mom the truth but her mom doesn’t get as mad as Antonia thought she would. Antonia feels more like she’s part of the family and she stopped writing letters to her imaginary real mom. But most of all, Antonia doesn’t feel like she’s alone.

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