Ai Automation

Hello again. In my last post I talked a little bit about ai automation and I wanted to tell you guys more about my research. In the past, ai was programmed to do tasks that happen over and over again. A big group of factory jobs were affected from this. Automation that is happening now, and will happen a lot more in the future is automating jobs that are not repetitive and predictable. I interviewed James Manyika, senior partner at McKinsey & Company and Chairman and Director of the McKinsey Global Institute, and we talked about how some of the things that are being automating are things in our head that we don’t fully understand, and we can’t just write them down as an algorithm on paper. It is hard to predict how many jobs will be automated in future years though, because the only way to figure that out is from the information of the past, and we know that the future of this technology will be much different than what has happened in the past.


There are many predictions about the future of our society once automation gets really bad. One prediction is that if everyone’s jobs are automated, than most people will have no money and the small group of people that still have jobs will be extremely rich and the rest of society will be extremely poor. Another prediction is that when some bad people get their hands on very powerful ai, they can use it on machines with bad intentions and could potentially turn automation to make powerful weapons. A third prediction is that if machines get so smart and so powerful, they will be able to duplicate, and they will be running our society, and we would potentially be taking orders from them.  


Another part of this topic that many people are worried about is how we are going to be able to adapt to all of the changes that are, and are going to occur to our workforce and economy. A concept that people are going to have to take into account going into the future is called lifelong learning. Lifelong learning is the idea that you are open to learning new skills your whole life instead of going down one very narrow path for a profession at an early age, a profession that could get automated in the future. Lifelong learning is good because in the workforce of the future, you are going to need to do more than one job to maintain a living. This is because many tasks in certain jobs are being automated, but not entire jobs, so jobs won’t be paying as much since you would only be doing certain tasks. Lifelong learning will help us overcome any problems that we might have with our jobs being automated because we will already know how to do many other jobs.


While less than five percent of all U.S jobs have already been automated, 60% of 30% of all U.S jobs can be automated. This means that 60% of the things that someone needs to do in their job can be automated, and the other 40% can’t. Most people think that the lowest paying jobs are the easiest to automate, but this is actually not true. Most of the jobs that are being automated in our country are middle class jobs like accountants and auditors, which are two repetitive jobs. Many other middle class like these are also at risk. Most low class jobs on the other hand are not at risk for automation in upcoming years. This is because most of these jobs require many different skills as the demands of the job may be different every day. Examples of these jobs are caretakers, and janitors. This is a problem because if we don’t have a balenced society with people in the middle there will just be wealthy people and poor people. 


High School Teachers .8      
Physical Therapists 2.1
Lawyers 3.5
Mathematicians 4.7
Electricians 14.8
Airline Pilots 18.1
Computer Hardware Engineers 22.5
Barbers 79.5
Real Estate Agents 86.4
Accountants and Auditors 93.5
Umpires and Referees 98.3


This chart shows the percent chance that a job has of being automated.


If you are interested in this topic and would like to learn more about it you can check out some of the links below. Please comment your thoughts on the topic, and or share further information that you know about it that wasn’t discussed in the post.…7986.50704.0.50872.….0…1c.1.64.img..44.4.2190.0..0j0i67k1.0.Y8XXPGpMpC8&safe=active&ssui=on#imgrc=176C5uKPVfHjJM:

This is a cartoon about automaton

This is a video that I used for a lot of my research

Artificial Intelligence

Hi guys. Recently I’ve been looking into a problem that our country has faced and will continue to face more as time goes on. This problem is that artificial intelligence is automating jobs in our country. Artificial intelligence is a type of computer science that can think, solve, and analyse data. Artificial Intelligence is taking our jobs, and it isn’t all completely bad. For the creators of these robots and this technology, they are making a lot of money. Business owners are also making more money because with ai they are doing thing faster and cheaper.

Ai all started at a meeting/class at Dartmouth college. It was presented as computers that can think, not just run by programming

I will continue to give you guys updates on my research, jokes about my topic, and much more stuff like that. Here is a link to a video to see artificial intelligence in action.


Here are two joke that I would like to share with you guys. This first one is one that I found in the book that I am reading called Into The Cosmos by Jack Cheng about space and rocketry. Here is the first joke.

Why do moon rocks taste better than earth rocks? Because they’re a little meteor

Here is the next one, I made it up myself.

What do Golden State Warriors fans order from Indian restaurants? Curry

Washington D.C

Many of us have learned about the Decoration Of Independence, Constitution, and Bill Of Rights. Not many of us have seen all three of these in real life though. This February break I was fortunate enough to see these three important documents at the Archives Of The United States Of America in Washington D.C. This is only one of the many museums/monuments that we went to over the three day trip. The documents were amazing to see, but not what I imagined. I imagined a big grand paper with stars and stripes all over, but instead it was about the same size of a page of a newspaper. Besides the writing, their was just signatures of many important people. It was exciting to see my countries history, and I hope you guys had a great break if you were on one.

Bradly’s Writing

Today, we celebrated our buddies writing. Bradley, my Buddy, wrote a story called Stitches. Bradley says “I like to write because it is fun.” In the story, we experience how fast things can change as Bradley begins the story with fear, and ends being brave. He doesn’t have a favorite part because he likes it all. The story took Bradley three days to write. He also says “I am proud of my writing because it has lots of detail.” Bradley enjoys writing and will continue to do it, and I can’t wait to read what he will write next.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everybody. I had a great New Years eve and I hope that you did too. I went to Popojito, the new Mexican restaurant in Scarsdale village. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys Mexican food. When I got home my family and I enjoyed an ice-cream pie, that my dad made. It was a layer of chocolate ice-cream on the bottom, Reese’s peanut butter cups in the middle, vanilla ice-cream on top of that, on topped off with chocolate sauce. My New Years resolutions for the blog are to post a ton of jokes, keep posting my writing, and other important things that I would like to post. To me though, the most important thing is that you enjoy my posts, and they either give you a laugh, give you something to think about, or inspire you. I hope you have an amazing 2018, and I will be posting soon, bye.

New York Philharmonic

Like I said in my last post, I was going to the New York Philharmonic. I went yesterday and I have a lot of things to say about it. First of, the New York philharmonic was at David Geffen Hall, in the Lincoln Memorial Center. It was beautiful from the outside, almost like a show of its own. The program for the night was three songs. Their names were Overture Of The Bartered Bride, Piano Concerto No. 2, and Pictures in an Exhibition. Overture Of The Bartered Bride was a very fast piece the lasted only seven minutes, the shortest of all of them. The next one, Piano Concerto No. 2 was the in the middle, lasting twenty-eight minutes. The piece was more clam. The last piece, Pictures In An Exhibition was the longest, lasting thirty-two minutes. This was the piece that I liked the most, and it is also my dads favorite. The composer of the piece, Modest Musorgsky, was walking through his friends exhibition of paintings, and he loved the exhibition so much, that for the next twenty days he wrote a composition about it. The composition begins with him walking to one of the paintings, which was the repeated part in the song. When he was at each painting their was different music. If the painting was happy, the music would be high pitched. If it was sad or angry, it would be deeper. When he walked to the next pictures though, it wasn’t always exactly the same. This depended on if he liked the painting or not. After ten paintings their was a grand ending , followed by minutes of applause. The composition then made me think. It showed me that in life, we change things about our self that we don’t like, like the different feelings about the paintings changing the tone of the composition. You should always be yourself though, like the repeating parts in the composition. I will now think about this composition more often, and see how I can be more like it, and maybe after reading this, you will too. I will be posting some, bye. Click here to hear Pictures From An Exhibition.  


Though I have not posted any jokes on my blog yet, I love to tell and create them. After the break ends, which I am enjoying very much, I will be posting jokes on my blog. So far this break, I went to the city on Sunday and Monday, and we went to the Copper Hewitt museum. I will be going to the  New York philharmonic back in the city today. I will be posting shorty, bye.