NBA Playoff Madness

As you might know the NBA playoffs is going on and teams are fighting for a spot in a finals. After the Thunder’s loss last night against the Rockets 113 to 109 the Rockets extended their series lead to 3 – 1. Stats show that the Thunder are better with Russell Westbrook on the floor. I guess this reporter wanted to know why that is at the press conference after the game. He asked Steven Adams, but Russell answered instead and said that they were one team and no one should try to split them up. He tried to protect Steven Adams and the rest of his teammates. While he was trying to move to the next question the reporter would not relent. Here is the video. Tell me what you think.

2 thoughts on “NBA Playoff Madness

  1. Dear Zane,
    That is pretty funny. The reporter really wanted to have the question answered. Russel really wants it to be the team not only him. It was funny because Steven Adams didn’t talk at all.
    – Mikey

  2. Dear Zane
    I am excited we have some things in common. My second favorite team is the thunder.
    I like Russel west brook and thought it was nice he said his team would never split up.
    I cant wait to learn more about you.

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