School On a Saturday

Once when I went to a Sushi restaurant there was a mysterious green ball near the edge of the plate. I decided to eat it, a decision that I now regret. Whenever I wear polyester clothing I get the chills. The first time I finally got up on water skis, the task that to me seemed impossible, I started celebrating my achievement. The achievement soon also turned into regret as a fell face first into the water after getting out of control. Once I rode my bike to school, and after seeing that there was no one else there and the doors were locked, I realized it was probably Saturday. I have had a habit for a couple of years now that whenever I do physical activity I like to stick my tongue out. Whenever I go on roller coasters with big drops, my face and body look like they have to go to the bathroom, pretty badly.

One thought on “School On a Saturday

  1. Dear Zane,
    I loved you rambaling auto biography. It was funny and serious at the same time. You had a nice rhythem but I really like you stories and the way you tell them. I also like how you have a little repeat and how it was very origanal. I think this was a great example of a rambaling auto.

    Sincerly, Hannah

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