Tech Post 6: Solder People

Hey guys, what up. In tech lately we have been doing some really cool things. One of the things that we did was make solder people. We used metal to shape mini people that are doing different things. My solder person was playing baseball, and it was really fun to make. We used a soldering iron to basically glue the different parts of the mini person together. The soldering iron has a really hot tip and when you touch it to a small piece of metal it melts it making metal glue. The glue dries really quickly. My person Look really cool and it can also stand which is pretty cool. I can’t wait to tell you guys about the other project we are creating, bye.

Tech Post #5: Voltage

Hey guys,

In technology class we recently learned about voltage and how batteries work. So there is a positive and a negative side to every battery. There are electrons that are trying to get to the positive side of the battery. They go out of the negative side, go through the whole circuit, and then go back into the battery, but this time on the positive side. If there is no resistance, the lightbulb, then the electrons will overheat the circuit and then cause a fire which is not good unless you like starting fires. That is all that I have to tell you. I will be posting soon about more cool things. Bye!

Tech post #4: Circuits

Hey guys,

In technology today we made circuts. We had to connect a battery to wires, that connected to a switch, which connected to more wires, which connected to a light bulb, which connected to more wires that connected back to the battery.

This is a picture of the circuit.

The circuit was a lot of fun to make and it took me about fifteen minutes to create. I hope that I will get to create similar and more complicated circuits in classes to come with possibly more lights and other things too. I will be posting again soon. Bye.