Tech Post #9: Flashlights

Hi guys,

In technology right now we are starting to make our plans for the flashlights that we are making. The only two rules about the flashlight is that it has to be waterproof and it has to fit in a box of a certain size. To make the flashlight we are using plumbing pipes which are pretty strong. We haven’t actually started to make the flashlight yet, but the planning is pretty interesting. I can’t wait to start making the flashlight and see how it turns out. I will be posting again soon about the flashlights and how they work. Hope everyone had a great Break and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Tech Post #8: Switches

Hey guys,

Hope that everyone is having a great break. I briefly talked about my switches in my post about breadboards, but lets get more into it. I made three different switches that all work in different ways. All of the switches can be both turned one and turned off. My first one you have to push and pull horizontally to get the switch to work. My second one you have to twist to get the switch to work. My third one you have to push and pull vertically to get the switch to work. We got to make the switches with any different materials, but here is how they work. There needs to be tinfoil on at least two parts of each switch. When you push, pull, spin, throw, twist, or however your switch works these two pieces of tinfoil need to touch. When this happens the electricity runs through the switch which can allow it to complete a circuit and light something up. The switches took about two weeks to make and it was a lot of fun. Hope everyone has a good rest of the break. Bye.

Tech Post #7: Breadboards


Hey guys,

In technology recently we used breadboards to connects to our switches. The breadboard has many different holes. We put jumper cables into certain holes that were aligned on the breadboard with the LED’s we put 0n the breadboard. We then connected alligator clips on one side into the breadboard and the other side was connected to our switch. When the switch was properly switched on the LED’s lite up and it was really cool. It was hard to create and took a little while to make, but it was still fun. If you don’t put the effort in you won’t end up with a good result. I’ll be posting again soon. Bye.