Tech 7 Post #1: Safety

What is up guys. Recently in technology we learned about the safety in the tech room. There are many machines that were new to me that we didn’t use in technology last year. We learned some of the basic safety of the room like no running, and no distracting someone while they are working. We also learned the dangers of some of the machines in the room when we did an activity where we put different colored post it notes on different tools and machines depending on how dangerous we thought they were. The green post in, meaning not dangerous was put on things like tape, stools, and safety glasses. The yellow post it was put on the vises, and a couple other things. The orange post it was put on things like the saw, the drill press, and most of the other big machines. The pink post it was put on things like the ventilation system and the figure extinguisher. The safety is so important because some things in the room could be very dangerous and if we didn’t know how to use them correctly, we could get seriously hurt. I will be posting again soon.

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