Technology Post #3: Box Update

Hey guys, recently I started to cut and sand my wood for my box. I used a saw to cut the wood which took a while, but it was pretty fun. It was hard to do it because the wood is pretty thick so it took a while and made you pretty tired. Once you cut through a piece of wood though it feels really good. Here is a picture of all of my wood cut out and my cardboard model from earlier:


The cardboard model helped me so I could see if my wood pieces were the right size. It was frustrating when I found that they weren’t the same size so then I had to sand the wood down so it became the right size. In the next couple of weeks I am going to glue the box together and stain it so it looks really good. I am also planning on putting hinges, a latch on the front, and felt inside the box like said before. Maybe I will also make something cool to go with the box, but I don’t know yet. I’ll be posting soon with more information, bye.

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