This is another poem that I wrote, please give me feedback.

With dream of butterflies

And a long loved passion

For forgetting what has happened

Dreams have taken me through the years

Of leaving the world behind

Excerpt from: At Least Until I’m Ten

This is a piece from another narrative I wrote, please give me feedback.

I didn’t know how to feel about it. I was in a weird situation. I had done something and not even known it. This something that I did caused other people trouble, but I didn’t know that either. It wasn’t my fault, but what was my fault was asking my sister to take that video of my night terror.

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This is a poem that I wrote. Please give me some feedback.

The message

I wish I could send

But with no one to send to


The corners

I wish I could turn

Though the path is straight


The things

I wish

I could remember


In a mind

With nothing to offer

All The Rest

I’m from countless hours of Bruce Springsteen’s songs, filling my ears with joy. I love to sing along with the songs, and stop with embarrassment as I see my brother and sister laughing because I sang the words wrong. They like to sing along too, but I don’t laugh when they mess up. The songs are way too good to interrupt.


I’m from the taste that never gets old, of Mike’s Sushi spicy tuna rolls. My dad and I share a look of contentment, each and every time we take a bite. There is no need to look at the menu when you always know what you want.


I’m from the waves of Flying Point Beach, good for whole days filled with smiles. Going to the beach used to be, ugh, I’m going to get sand in my pants. Now it’s just bad for my mom’s car.


Though I cherish all these things and places, I am always from wherever my family is. Even if it is the place I hate most, the place I am most scared from, or the place that I am most uncomfortable at, when I am with my family, none of that matters. I am from Bruce Springsteen, Mike’s Sushi spicy tuna roll, Flying Point Beach, and the baseball field, but I have been from my family for longer. I have been a Kohn for every second that I have been alive, and will be for all the rest.    


Excerpt from: Both Of Us Feeling Lost

This is a piece from a personal narrative that I wrote:

I could sense bad as soon as my dad told me to get my brother and sister into the living room. Usually when we had these gathering in the living room, it was to talk about good news, or bad news. The only hint to knowing which one was that he and my mother had just been at the hospital for about three hours. Before they left they told us that they were just visiting Saba.  I shed a sniffle, then made my way upstairs. I knew the rest of the story; I knew it all to well.

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School On a Saturday

Once when I went to a Sushi restaurant there was a mysterious green ball near the edge of the plate. I decided to eat it, a decision that I now regret. Whenever I wear polyester clothing I get the chills. The first time I finally got up on water skis, the task that to me seemed impossible, I started celebrating my achievement. The achievement soon also turned into regret as a fell face first into the water after getting out of control. Once I rode my bike to school, and after seeing that there was no one else there and the doors were locked, I realized it was probably Saturday. I have had a habit for a couple of years now that whenever I do physical activity I like to stick my tongue out. Whenever I go on roller coasters with big drops, my face and body look like they have to go to the bathroom, pretty badly.

Favorite sax player

Since I play the saxophone I feel like I should have a favorite saxophone player. His name is Clarence Clemons. Even though he is dead, he is still my favorite. He was in a band called the E Street Band. I found my love for him because my dad loves the band, and we even went to a concert once. I wish Clarence was there, but his son Jack took his place in the band when he died. His nickname was “The big man” and he is most famous for his solos on the song Born to Run. Since that is what he is most famous for that is what I am going to show you. Here is a video from a concert. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDkKFG2lV0Y. That’s him playing the whole video.  

NBA Playoff Madness

As you might know the NBA playoffs is going on and teams are fighting for a spot in a finals. After the Thunder’s loss last night against the Rockets 113 to 109 the Rockets extended their series lead to 3 – 1. Stats show that the Thunder are better with Russell Westbrook on the floor. I guess this reporter wanted to know why that is at the press conference after the game. He asked Steven Adams, but Russell answered instead and said that they were one team and no one should try to split them up. He tried to protect Steven Adams and the rest of his teammates. While he was trying to move to the next question the reporter would not relent. Here is the video. Tell me what you think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVI2sZauMx0