Washington D.C

Many of us have learned about the Decoration Of Independence, Constitution, and Bill Of Rights. Not many of us have seen all three of these in real life though. This February break I was fortunate enough to see these three important documents at the Archives Of The United States Of America in Washington D.C. This is only one of the many museums/monuments that we went to over the three day trip. The documents were amazing to see, but not what I imagined. I imagined a big grand paper with stars and stripes all over, but instead it was about the same size of a page of a newspaper. Besides the writing, their was just signatures of many important people. It was exciting to see my countries history, and I hope you guys had a great break if you were on one.

Bradly’s Writing

Today, we celebrated our buddies writing. Bradley, my Buddy, wrote a story called Stitches. Bradley says “I like to write because it is fun.” In the story, we experience how fast things can change as Bradley begins the story with fear, and ends being brave. He doesn’t have a favorite part because he likes it all. The story took Bradley three days to write. He also says “I am proud of my writing because it has lots of detail.” Bradley enjoys writing and will continue to do it, and I can’t wait to read what he will write next.


Though I have not posted any jokes on my blog yet, I love to tell and create them. After the break ends, which I am enjoying very much, I will be posting jokes on my blog. So far this break, I went to the city on Sunday and Monday, and we went to the Copper Hewitt museum. I will be going to the  New York philharmonic back in the city today. I will be posting shorty, bye.

My Buddies Art

This is a painting that my buddy Bradley, who was recently introduced in the last post made. The first thing that catches my eye is the color of the painting. The blue, green, gray, and black all look nice together. My favorite part is that there are so many ways that you can interpret this painting, which makes it so unique. Every time that I look at the painting, I get a new vision of it. It is amazing the work that Bradley is able to do, considering his age and experience. Like I said in my last post, I can’t wait to see what Bradley will do next.


My Buddy

Bradley is an amazing buddy, student, friend, overall, just a good person. As a student, Bradley grows every instant. His persistence while reading is amazing. Though he is just starting to read, he has already become quite good. Once when he didn’t know a word, he asked me to help him, and then got it the next time that he saw it.

As a friend, Bradley is one of my best. If it is not cool to have a friend that is younger than you, than I guess that I am not cool. Every time that I see him, he greets me, and it is always the best part of my day. I enjoy every moment that we have together, and wish that we could have more.

As a buddy, Bradley and I work together great. He always adds ideas or strategies to whatever we are doing. Once when we were trying to make a three dimensional shape out of Popsicle sticks and model magic, I got stumped, and then Bradley had an idea that worked very well. I hope to see Bradley and I’s friendship grow, and can’t wait to see what he will do next.

All The Rest

I’m from countless hours of Bruce Springsteen’s songs, filling my ears with joy. I love to sing along with the songs, and stop with embarrassment as I see my brother and sister laughing because I sang the words wrong. They like to sing along too, but I don’t laugh when they mess up. The songs are way too good to interrupt.


I’m from the taste that never gets old, of Mike’s Sushi spicy tuna rolls. My dad and I share a look of contentment, each and every time we take a bite. There is no need to look at the menu when you always know what you want.


I’m from the waves of Flying Point Beach, good for whole days filled with smiles. Going to the beach used to be, ugh, I’m going to get sand in my pants. Now it’s just bad for my mom’s car.


Though I cherish all these things and places, I am always from wherever my family is. Even if it is the place I hate most, the place I am most scared from, or the place that I am most uncomfortable at, when I am with my family, none of that matters. I am from Bruce Springsteen, Mike’s Sushi spicy tuna roll, Flying Point Beach, and the baseball field, but I have been from my family for longer. I have been a Kohn for every second that I have been alive, and will be for all the rest.    


School On a Saturday

Once when I went to a Sushi restaurant there was a mysterious green ball near the edge of the plate. I decided to eat it, a decision that I now regret. Whenever I wear polyester clothing I get the chills. The first time I finally got up on water skis, the task that to me seemed impossible, I started celebrating my achievement. The achievement soon also turned into regret as a fell face first into the water after getting out of control. Once I rode my bike to school, and after seeing that there was no one else there and the doors were locked, I realized it was probably Saturday. I have had a habit for a couple of years now that whenever I do physical activity I like to stick my tongue out. Whenever I go on roller coasters with big drops, my face and body look like they have to go to the bathroom, pretty badly.