Happy New Year

Happy New Year everybody. I had a great New Years eve and I hope that you did too. I went to Popojito, the new Mexican restaurant in Scarsdale village. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys Mexican food. When I got home my family and I enjoyed an ice-cream pie, that my dad made. It was a layer of chocolate ice-cream on the bottom, Reese’s peanut butter cups in the middle, vanilla ice-cream on top of that, on topped off with chocolate sauce. My New Years resolutions for the blog are to post a ton of jokes, keep posting my writing, and other important things that I would like to post. To me though, the most important thing is that you enjoy my posts, and they either give you a laugh, give you something to think about, or inspire you. I hope you have an amazing 2018, and I will be posting soon, bye.

New York Philharmonic

Like I said in my last post, I was going to the New York Philharmonic. I went yesterday and I have a lot of things to say about it. First of, the New York philharmonic was at David Geffen Hall, in the Lincoln Memorial Center. It was beautiful from the outside, almost like a show of its own. The program for the night was three songs. Their names were Overture Of The Bartered Bride, Piano Concerto No. 2, and Pictures in an Exhibition. Overture Of The Bartered Bride was a very fast piece the lasted only seven minutes, the shortest of all of them. The next one, Piano Concerto No. 2 was the in the middle, lasting twenty-eight minutes. The piece was more clam. The last piece, Pictures In An Exhibition was the longest, lasting thirty-two minutes. This was the piece that I liked the most, and it is also my dads favorite. The composer of the piece, Modest Musorgsky, was walking through his friends exhibition of paintings, and he loved the exhibition so much, that for the next twenty days he wrote a composition about it. The composition begins with him walking to one of the paintings, which was the repeated part in the song. When he was at each painting their was different music. If the painting was happy, the music would be high pitched. If it was sad or angry, it would be deeper. When he walked to the next pictures though, it wasn’t always exactly the same. This depended on if he liked the painting or not. After ten paintings their was a grand ending , followed by minutes of applause. The composition then made me think. It showed me that in life, we change things about our self that we don’t like, like the different feelings about the paintings changing the tone of the composition. You should always be yourself though, like the repeating parts in the composition. I will now think about this composition more often, and see how I can be more like it, and maybe after reading this, you will too. I will be posting some, bye. Click here to hear Pictures From An Exhibition.  

Excerpt from: Both Of Us Feeling Lost

This is a piece from a personal narrative that I wrote:

I could sense bad as soon as my dad told me to get my brother and sister into the living room. Usually when we had these gathering in the living room, it was to talk about good news, or bad news. The only hint to knowing which one was that he and my mother had just been at the hospital for about three hours. Before they left they told us that they were just visiting Saba.  I shed a sniffle, then made my way upstairs. I knew the rest of the story; I knew it all to well.

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Favorite sax player

Since I play the saxophone I feel like I should have a favorite saxophone player. His name is Clarence Clemons. Even though he is dead, he is still my favorite. He was in a band called the E Street Band. I found my love for him because my dad loves the band, and we even went to a concert once. I wish Clarence was there, but his son Jack took his place in the band when he died. His nickname was “The big man” and he is most famous for his solos on the song Born to Run. Since that is what he is most famous for that is what I am going to show you. Here is a video from a concert. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDkKFG2lV0Y. That’s him playing the whole video.  

NBA Playoff Madness

As you might know the NBA playoffs is going on and teams are fighting for a spot in a finals. After the Thunder’s loss last night against the Rockets 113 to 109 the Rockets extended their series lead to 3 – 1. Stats show that the Thunder are better with Russell Westbrook on the floor. I guess this reporter wanted to know why that is at the press conference after the game. He asked Steven Adams, but Russell answered instead and said that they were one team and no one should try to split them up. He tried to protect Steven Adams and the rest of his teammates. While he was trying to move to the next question the reporter would not relent. Here is the video. Tell me what you think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVI2sZauMx0

Sushi Mike’s

If you are hungry and want some good food I recommend going to Sushi Mike’s. I give it a 4.5 star rating and here is why. The ambiance is great because you feel like you are actually in Japan. With the music, decorations, and all the food and drinks, when I want a vacation I already know where to go. The service is also great, and out of the fifty times I have been their our order has never been mixed up.

The food is spectacular and I recommend getting the spicy tuna roll. Image result for mike's sushi spicy tuna roll

The amount of food is perfect because you don’t have to order a big load of sushi at a time. Each tray only has four rolls on it. The drinks are good to. I like getting the strawberry Japanese soda, and for you adults out there they have beer. Back to the point that if you are ever in Dobbs Ferry Just stop by Sushi Mike’s. I promise you, you will not regret it. Here is the menu. http://www.sushimikes.com/Menu.aspx?category=All


All About Me

Hello fellow bloggers. My name is Zane Kohn and I am ten years old. If you like sports, saxophone, or TV you have found your home. I enjoy all these things too. I will mainly be posting about sports because that is what I mainly like. Some TV shows I enjoy are Survivor, American Ninja Warrior, and also Impractical Jokers. I like saxophone musicians who can play like really fast and accurate, unlike me.

In my sports section I will be posting a lot of cool videos that include some of the coolest things you will ever see. My favorite sports are basketball and baseball. I am on a travel team for both those sports. I am not a Knicks or Mets fan. I like the Nets and the Yankees. In football I root for the Giants.

My favorite tv shows mean everything to me. One is hilarious, and the other two are just really good shows. I shared their names in the first paragraph and I recommend watching them. I am addicted to all three of them.

I started playing the saxophone at the beginning of the school year. I really enjoy it and love to watch and listen to other people do it. The instrument gives me much joy. I will be posting shortly. So long.