My fixed Mindset.

I love softball and I think I’m pretty good at it too, but there are some skills that I need to work on. Some are those skills are softball skills like sliding into a base, bunting, and pitching. I also need to work on something that is not a softball skill, but it is a necessity if I want to learn the softball skills. This necessary skill is called a fixed mindset.


A fixed mindset is a positive mindset that helps your mind grow. For example if I think I can slide into that base I will have a better chance in doing it than if I thought, I CAN’T DO IT!


It helps to give your mindset a name. For example my fixed mindset name is #UGOGIRL. What also helps your fixed mindset is setting goals, like a goal of how much time you will use to practice your skill. Charts also help.


Did you know that there are more than 100 billion neurons in your brain? Slowly increasing the amount of time you are practicing is good because the more you practice the stronger the neurons in your brain get and the stronger your neurons get the easier the skill becomes. For example, my dad and I run a mile in ten minutes almost every weekend and now it is easy for me to run a mile in ten minutes and I can run a mile in nine minutes if I want to. 


It is very easy to get frustrated so I recommend having a plan for what you will do at frustrating times. For example, my plan is to take ten deep breaths and remind myself I can do this.


If your friends at home or at school are giving up remind them to have a fixed mindset and to always stay positive. Also don’t forget to challenge yourself because your neurons can’t get stronger unless you are struggling. Struggling is good so if you are reading this then #UGOGIRL or BOY!

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  1. rchen27 at |

    Nice Job! I like how you talked about a Growth Mindset and Persistence. I look forward to your next post!

  2. gwolfson27 at |

    I liked how you talked about softball because I like baseball and I liked how you made a name for your goal
    P.S I need to work on pitching and sliding too

  3. bfoster27 at |

    Nice job on your post

  4. rchen27 at |

    I copy and pasted comments for everybody Lol I was to lazy to write it.


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