A Corner of the Universe Essay

A Corner of the Universe

By :  Zoe Rabinowitz

I read the book A corner of the Universe by Ann M. Martin. In the book the main character’s name is Hattie, she is 11 going on 12 and very scared to be different. There is also a character named Adam, he is not afraid to be different. He is always being bold. As the book goes on Adam becomes less bold because of rude people named Nancey and Janet and Hattie becomes more bold because of Adam. So in my opinion the big idea is that you should not be afraid to be yourself and stand up for what you believe in. 

For example throughout the book Adam says many things that imply that Hattie is unique. He says on pg 49 that Hattie will, “lift the corners of our universe” meaning she can be someone who will make big changes in the world. But Hattie still does not embrace it. Adam on the other hand embraced his differences, like for example on pg 93 he danced when no one else did. In the end he decides to do something terrible to himself which was a BAD idea… I think this was the moment where Hattie realized being yourself is all the matters.

Hattie also learned to stand up for what she believes on pg 155. Nana kept on trying to make Hattie someone that she was not by making Hattie wear stuff that she does not like and punishing Hattie to harshly. On pg 155 Hattie decided that she wanted to be herself and not what Nana wants her to be. 

In the end Hattie did what Adam should have done she embraced her uniqueness and wore a bright yellow dress to Adams funeral on pg 172 and 173 she even says that the yellow dress is what Adam would have wanted her to wear. Adam did what he thought the best way to make himself less weird was and that way was to do something horrible to himself. He should have embraced his differences and he should have tried to ignore what other people think.

In conclusion I think that everyone should be themselves and stand up for what they believe in so no one feels forced to be something they’re not. This way everyone will feel unique and everyone will feel accepted regardless of their differences. Adam should have stayed bold and did what Hattie did. A Corner of the Universe is a great book with an amazing message so I think you should read it.

Sincerely Zoe Rabinowitz


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