Rube Goldberg Project

Jackson and I spent a lot of time to find materials for our Rube Goldberg project. These are our materials that we are using:

  • Board games boxes – We are using board games boxes for large dominoes.
  • A small golf ball – We are using that to start the large dominoes.
  • A large golf ball -We are using that to hit the small golf ball.
  • Regular dominoes – We are using that to hit the small car.
  • Electric car – We are using that to knock a ball.
  • Water ball – We are using that to knock down the stilts.
  • Wooden stilts – We are using those to hold up the water cup.
  • A cup – We are using that to hold the water.
  • Water – We are using that to make the candle go out.
  • Candle – That is our objective, we are making the candle go out.
  • Tracks – We are using those tracks for the golf and water balls and the car to roll and drive on.
  • A bowl – We are using that to put the candle in and so the water doesn’t spill everywhere.

Jackson and I were looking through his house to find the best materials to use for this project. We found some things that Jackson did not even know were there. It was really cool because we found some interesting things to add to our Rube Goldberg Machine.

2 thoughts on “Rube Goldberg Project

  1. Zach, your posts are very detailed and thoughtful. I found it interesting to read how you found materials and how you came up with the idea for your simple task. Remember to document the entire process, even in the early stages, so that you can include photos and/or videos in your posts. I’m looking forward to your final machine!

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