Rube Goldberg Machine

Jackson and I have started doing our iMovie and it is working out really well. We put all of our fails in it because it is only 14 fails and on the fifthteenth time it actually worked. We added a lot of cool music that would go with our fails. We also added a slow motion part at the end that showed us when completed it and it is really funny! We also have some credits at the end that show everyone who helped including the photographer. We call our machine the candle extinguisher. It goes with our machine because our simple task at the end is to make a candle go out with water. We decided to make a candle go out with water because Jackson watched this video and he thought that it would be cool to make a candle go out with water. After we finished I figured out that we could use the same machine to pour dog food into a bowl and it could be to pour water into a dog bowl, also it could be to pour soup into a bowl, it could be used for pouring almost anything into a cup or a bowl.

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