Rube Goldberg

Last week Jackson and I started our trials for our Rube Goldberg. On the first trial it almost worked but the lego tower that we built was just a bit too close to the basketball hoop so it did not work. If the lego tower was just a bit more away from the hoop, the Rube Goldberg machine could have worked on it’s first try. On many of the trials the golf ball did not have enough force so it didn’t knock down the board game boxes including trial #2. If that had worked we could have worked on trial #2. On trial #3 the yellow ball rolled off of the track so it didn’t hit the golf ball. On trial #4 the golf ball did not go into the tube so it couldn’t hit the board game boxes.

It was really frustrating because we thought that it had a big chance on the first trial but it was so close and didn’t work. On the second trial it was almost the same, it was almost as close to working as the first trial but a little further away.

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