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Today, (Friday) I went to 5 Star Residence (A retirement home in Yonkers). I went there because I wanted to see a therapy dog in action. Luckily, my dog (Sadie) is a therapy dog so it made it a lot easier. So my mom, Sadie, and I went to 5 star residence and we had a meet and greet session. I was amazed to see how happy the people were when they saw the dog! Most people loved dogs and nobody hated the dogs. The first patient that we went up to used to have many dogs and this visit with her really brought back very fond memories that she has never thought of in a long time.  There was this one patient that went up to us and went on her knees to pet the dog. The person that was taking care of her said that she only kneels down if she really has a great reason to kneel down. That is what therapy dogs can do to people, they can push them to do more than they normally do. I got some great pictures that are these:


This is my mom, the patient, Sadie, and I. Last time that Sadie went to 5 star residence, this resident spent a lot of time with Sadie and so this time they spent a lot of time together. This one person is really inspirational because she was really excited, her face just lit up when she saw Sadie! That is what therapy dogs are for so that visit is one of the successful visits that we had that day. 


This patient doesn’t usually stand up without her walker and look what she does here! This resident use to have a dog so this visit really brought back a lot of memories. This resident was also one of the more upbeat residents that were in this retirement home and she became even more happy when she saw Sadie!This shows how therapy dogs help people do things that they have never done before. Also, we went up to the floor where the patients need some special help and it was amazing a dog can do a lot for a person. Today Sadie really brought smiles to the 5 star residents. And they even invited us back again soon! It was an amazing time!

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