Blog #6

Capstone is already almost over and I can’t believe it! Right now I am making my project, it was challenging but I did it! I am done with my project and it looks amazing. I am doing a wevideo so my ... Read More

Blog #5

Main Inquiry Question: What are the roles of therapy dogs and how do they affect those who they work with?   Answer: Therapy dogs are different than service dogs and they have many different rol... Read More

Blog #4: Site Visit

  Today, (Friday) I went to 5 Star Residence (A retirement home in Yonkers). I went there because I wanted to see a therapy dog in action. Luckily, my dog (Sadie) is a therapy dog so it made it ... Read More

Blog #3: Interview

I had my interview a couple of days ago with Nancy Georges Michaelson, director of the New York Therapy Dogs organization. I had ten questions that I prepared for her and she answered them all with re... Read More

Rube Goldberg

Last week Jackson and I started our trials for our Rube Goldberg. On the first trial it almost worked but the lego tower that we built was just a bit too close to the basketball hoop so it did not wor... Read More