The Amazing Beach

I jumped and hopped I was so excited! “Mom will we be having a picnic at the beach?”I asked excited. “Yes,NOW grab your backpack and then head to that wonderful beach!”I stuffed my buckets and shovels into my backpack. My mom put raisin bread in a box and put the box in a bag. I threw my backpack over my shoulder and skidded out of the hotel room with my mom right behind me. I ran and jumped and sang songs as I went out of the hotel. I already knew this was going to be AMAZING!

I hopped and tagged along the cracked sidewalk. As we arrived to the promised beach. I ate homemade raisin that my mom packed. I ate slice after slice of raisin bread. Delicious! I went and made a sand castle. Plus I even added a seaweed flag to it and perched it on the very top! But finally I wanted to look for sea shells!

So I said “Bye” to my mom and dad and ran to the ontouched sand to look for sea shells. It was hard! Suddenly I spotted a man dumping 3 out of 4 buckets of shells!I ran and picked up every shell he dumped out! It was so fun! In the end I even picked up one HUGE sea shell that people claim that you could hear the ocean! Overall this was one of the best vacations ever!

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