Magnets have a north and south side. If you put the south side with another south side they will repel. That would be the same if you put a north side with a north side,it will repel.If you put a south with a north,it will attract.

Some magnets are not as strong as other magnets. Sometimes a magnet is so strong that we can’t pull it apart!I learned that gravity acts a lot like a magnet because it keeps us down,but gravity is not a magnet,it is a force.

At class (in stations) we experimenting with magnets/magnetic things and iron dust.We used See Think and Wonder sheets to jot notes(what we see, what we think and what we wonder).

We played around in each station for 10 minutes but each station only felt like 1 second! Then it was clean up time.Cleaning up was not that good. Some people were still experimenting. Overall I think learning about magnets was AWESOME!

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