Experience With Magnets

At class,my teacher asked me to write a blog post about what I learned about Electromagnets and what are some questions about magnets I have. First I will tell you what I learned about Electromagnets and then I will tell you what questions I have.


  1. Electromagnets are temporary magnets,that means if you do not put the Electromagnet together correctly or disconect one part, the Electromagnet will not function right. That would also mean,when you disconect any little part it would stop the power from flowing.
  2. You must wrap the wire all the way on the bolt to make a good,strong magnet.Be careful to not over lap the wire!
  3. Electromagnets are like regaular magnets,electromagnets and magnets both pick up/attract to metal objects.


  1. How do magnets attract to metal objects?
  2. What is one of the strongest magnets in the world?

I think this was really fun!

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