Maglev #2

Today in Science we have to write a post on maglev trains. I know…

Maglev trains are trains that levitate. The trains levitate by using repulsion force from magnets under the train and on the tracks. Since the train levitates the only friction that would slow it down is air friction,the maglev train is very fast. If the maglev train is compared to a regular train,the regular train would be very loud,uses non-renewable fuel and is slower. My group’s Idea was to use strip magnets and donut magnets for tracks,the strip magnets on the bottom and donut magnets on top. We put the magnets on the “train” near each corner. The magnets on each object was faced north.

When my group tried today we found out that our design did not work,our design did not work because of the weight. We tried again,this time we documented everything that might be useful.On our 2nd attempt our train stuck on our track. We thought “Maybe the magnets are attracting!”or “We should flip the magnets over so the magnets repel and our train should levitate”. We immediately flipped the magnets on the train over, this time one side of our train stuck to the track. We fumbled over this mystery.What is the problem? We finally figured out that when we flipped the magnets, the magnets on one side was closer  to the edge.When the magnets are closer to the edge on only one side, It adds weight. On our 3rd attempt we put the magnets even across and hoped our 3rd attempt would work. Yay! Our 3rd attempt worked…Only problem it won’t move. Push. Bonk! Our success did not last for long. We found out that the train did not work because there was still too much weight on one side.

I feel like my team did a good job working together and documenting. I also think we did a good job on measuring and cutting strip magnets to the right size.We struggled a bit to make sure everything repealed well. However I felt like in the beginning we were not working together well, I think in the end we got together and really got good work done.

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