Character Traits

Dear Mrs.Boyer,

At school I have been reading about Harry Houdini, I know Harry is brave because he did daring escapes while hand cuffing himself! He’s really brave to do the  Burred  Alive Stunt acorrding to the book:HARRY HOUDINI, it says harry only does the stunt 3 times in his life! He said things, that made this awesome escape artist a great leader he said things like…

“I am a great admirer of mystery and magic.Look at this life—all mystery and magic”

“No performer should attempt to bite off red-hot iron unless he has a good set of teeth.”

“Look at love. How could we ever keep love a-burning day after day if it wasn’t that we,and they, surrounded it with magic tricks…”

-Harry Houdini(read from

Many people admired his work, Harry was also creative, he did not copy others, he created what he did.

Maglev #2

Today in Science we have to write a post on maglev trains. I know…

Maglev trains are trains that levitate. The trains levitate by using repulsion force from magnets under the train and on the tracks. Since the train levitates the only friction that would slow it down is air friction,the maglev train is very fast. If the maglev train is compared to a regular train,the regular train would be very loud,uses non-renewable fuel and is slower. My group’s Idea was to use strip magnets and donut magnets for tracks,the strip magnets on the bottom and donut magnets on top. We put the magnets on the “train” near each corner. The magnets on each object was faced north.

When my group tried today we found out that our design did not work,our design did not work because of the weight. We tried again,this time we documented everything that might be useful.On our 2nd attempt our train stuck on our track. We thought “Maybe the magnets are attracting!”or “We should flip the magnets over so the magnets repel and our train should levitate”. We immediately flipped the magnets on the train over, this time one side of our train stuck to the track. We fumbled over this mystery.What is the problem? We finally figured out that when we flipped the magnets, the magnets on one side was closer  to the edge.When the magnets are closer to the edge on only one side, It adds weight. On our 3rd attempt we put the magnets even across and hoped our 3rd attempt would work. Yay! Our 3rd attempt worked…Only problem it won’t move. Push. Bonk! Our success did not last for long. We found out that the train did not work because there was still too much weight on one side.

I feel like my team did a good job working together and documenting. I also think we did a good job on measuring and cutting strip magnets to the right size.We struggled a bit to make sure everything repealed well. However I felt like in the beginning we were not working together well, I think in the end we got together and really got good work done.

Experience With Magnets

At class,my teacher asked me to write a blog post about what I learned about Electromagnets and what are some questions about magnets I have. First I will tell you what I learned about Electromagnets and then I will tell you what questions I have.


  1. Electromagnets are temporary magnets,that means if you do not put the Electromagnet together correctly or disconect one part, the Electromagnet will not function right. That would also mean,when you disconect any little part it would stop the power from flowing.
  2. You must wrap the wire all the way on the bolt to make a good,strong magnet.Be careful to not over lap the wire!
  3. Electromagnets are like regaular magnets,electromagnets and magnets both pick up/attract to metal objects.


  1. How do magnets attract to metal objects?
  2. What is one of the strongest magnets in the world?

I think this was really fun!



In class  I made an Electromagnet with my science group. Our job was to make  a Electromagnets,We used a piece of insulated wire,a bolt, a battery and a battery holder.These are the steps we followed:

  1. First we rapped the wire around the bolt,we had to be very careful to not overlap the the wire over the bolt or our electromagnet will not work.
  2. Next we got a battery holder and a battery and put the battery in the battery holder.
  3. Then we clipped the wire to the battery holder,after that we got paper clips and tested the magnet we made.
  4. Test your magnet and have fun!

Overall I think this is a really fun project!




Magnets have a north and south side. If you put the south side with another south side they will repel. That would be the same if you put a north side with a north side,it will repel.If you put a south with a north,it will attract.

Some magnets are not as strong as other magnets. Sometimes a magnet is so strong that we can’t pull it apart!I learned that gravity acts a lot like a magnet because it keeps us down,but gravity is not a magnet,it is a force.

At class (in stations) we experimenting with magnets/magnetic things and iron dust.We used See Think and Wonder sheets to jot notes(what we see, what we think and what we wonder).

We played around in each station for 10 minutes but each station only felt like 1 second! Then it was clean up time.Cleaning up was not that good. Some people were still experimenting. Overall I think learning about magnets was AWESOME!

The Amazing Beach

I jumped and hopped I was so excited! “Mom will we be having a picnic at the beach?”I asked excited. “Yes,NOW grab your backpack and then head to that wonderful beach!”I stuffed my buckets and shovels into my backpack. My mom put raisin bread in a box and put the box in a bag. I threw my backpack over my shoulder and skidded out of the hotel room with my mom right behind me. I ran and jumped and sang songs as I went out of the hotel. I already knew this was going to be AMAZING!

I hopped and tagged along the cracked sidewalk. As we arrived to the promised beach. I ate homemade raisin that my mom packed. I ate slice after slice of raisin bread. Delicious! I went and made a sand castle. Plus I even added a seaweed flag to it and perched it on the very top! But finally I wanted to look for sea shells!

So I said “Bye” to my mom and dad and ran to the ontouched sand to look for sea shells. It was hard! Suddenly I spotted a man dumping 3 out of 4 buckets of shells!I ran and picked up every shell he dumped out! It was so fun! In the end I even picked up one HUGE sea shell that people claim that you could hear the ocean! Overall this was one of the best vacations ever!