Rube Goldberg-Part 2

Me and William have just started to build our first step. We decided for our first step we needed a plastic tube a marble and some wood and a hot glue gone to attach everything together. We had no wood so we just decided to use pieces of fake wood from a game. We had to hot glue together pieces of wood and put wood on the side so the marble would not go flying off the side.After that we taped the plastic tube to the the wood next me and William kept testing and testing the marble to see if it would go to the end of the wood without stopping. Our main problem was the hot glue gun pieces were sticking out and stopping the marble so me and William spent a lot of time picking the pieces out. Finally it was time for our second step me and William decided that the the marble in the first step were going to hit the dominoes. The dominoes were going to be our second step. Me and William set up the dominoes and then we dropped the marble in the tube and the marble hit the dominoes and it was a success. The dominoes were going to hit the car as our third step.See my next blog post to learn more about my Rube Goldberg project.


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  1. I like how you explained your problem and your solution. I like how you talked about what you started making and building.

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