Rube Goldberg-Part 3

Me and William have done our first and second step. Our plan so far has been to drop a marble into a plastic tube the marble will go through it  giving it speed so it will roll on wood then it will hit dominoes. Our third step was going to be the dominoes hitting a car and giving it some speed. We didn’t want the car to have two much speed because we wanted the car to go a short distance so we decided dominoes to hit it because dominoes would not make it have high speed. The car was going to go a short distance because it was going to hit a catapult. The catapult was going to let a strong brick hit jenga blocks.Me and William have Had lots of troubles with the catapult. Our first problem was how was the car going to set off the catapult. I don’t even know why me and William even thought that was going to be possible. Me and William were just really confused. Meanwhile William was thinking about our second problem. What was strong enough to knock over all the jenga blocks. Me and William were in a tornado of problems! How were we ever gonna decide what to do with these problems. We thought the third and fourth step were gonna not have problems. Was our third and fourth step ever going to be a success? To find out more about solving mine and William’s problems and my next steps see my next blog post.

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