Rube Goldberg-Part 4

Recently in blog posts 1 2 3 I have talked about my first couple of steps.I have only explained my first 3 steps. Why? Because in 3 all I have is a bunch of problems. Now it is time to figure out how I solve all these problems.

My first problem is how was the car going to hit the catapult? Then how would the catapult hit jenga? Then how would the jenga hit exploding things? Me and William thought we would never escape this tornado of problems. First we decided to brainstorm.Finally We both decided that we should  take out these steps and that meant we were gonna take our last step out. What were we gonna replace all this with though. We realized the car was only going to go an inch so we decided to make our first two steps on a table so the car could go down a ramp so it has more speed.Me and William tested the car going down the ramp but the car was going off track on the ground at the end because the ramp was to steep! I came up with an idea really quickly. My idea was that we could have another table that was lower so we could have the ramp less steep and we decided that the car could hit a light plane. Me and William were so happy we got all these problems out of our way. Now we Just have to figure out our last three steps. Me and William knew we could do this without ending up in another tornado of problems.

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