Rube Goldberg-Part 5

So far in blog posts one two three and four I have talked about my problems and my steps. In blog post four I have left off at the part where I decided that my car was going to hit a plane. Let’s see how I finish this off.

Right now Me and William are thinking what the plane was going to hit. We think that it could hit a huge line of jenga blocks but that was the same as dominoes so me and William decided that there could be two lines of jenga blocks that would hit a small car. Me and William were so close to finding out our last steps. Me and William brainstormed and decide that since we had all this on the table we could have a steep ramp going onto a small chair that would activate a circle to turn a switch on.Me and William were so happy we figured out all the steps! But now it is time for the hardest part getting a success. Do you think mine and William’s project will work well now it is time to find out. Before I’m done I would like to talk about how we were going to videotape. Me and William were going to do it on wevideo but I got sick and we didn’t have enough time so we just did it on iMovie. If you would like to see how this project is going to work see my next blog post!

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