Rube Goldberg-Part 6

Recently on blog posts one, two, three, four and five I have talked about my sketch and my steps and my problems. On part 5 I have left of on just beginning videotaping so now it is the final moment will this work!

Me and William have set up everything and my mom is going to be recording. Me and William said three two one…. we dropped the marble into the tube it hit the dominoes and the donimoes hit the car but the car didn’t move. Me and William just got our first fail.Me and William knew This was going to happen because it was only our first try. We did this two more times. We didn’t get stuck on the car part but we got stuck on the airplane part. Me and William thought this airplane was going to be a huge problem. After a lot of fails me and William decided just to put a roll of duck tape instead of the plane. Me and William kept on having fails until we changed our machine again. We had the car hit a small roll that hit the jemgs witch hit a car that hit the wood. We tried this and after five fails it worked! Me and William were so happy it finally turned on the light. Me and William converted all the videos into imovie and we did it we had a success we were so so happy! We did it our Rube Goldberg was a success!

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  1. I like how in all the blog posts you have one paragraph telling us were you left of. This made me want to keep on reading when you said “it is the final moment will this work!”

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