Choosing a Capstone Topic #1

In school we just started this project called capstone. Capstone is one of the most important projects in 5 grade. My teacher said that capstone is a way to get us prepared for middle school. All year long I have been waiting for this project and am super excited for it.

In Capstone you choose a topic that could be anything you want. This is the part that was making me nervous. I was nervous for this part because I really did not know anything to do it on and I have been thinking about my topic for Capstone this whole year! In five days we had to have our first and second choice for capstone. I thought that was going to be impossible for me. It was Friday and our topics were due Wednesday. I kept thinking and thinking about my topic at school on Friday I could hardly focus. I just remembered I had gotten too new pairs of shoes both of them were Nike. Then it hit me. I thought I should do Nike as my capstone topic. That Friday we had extra recess. When we were having recess I thought would I enjoy doing my capstone topic on Nike? After school that Friday I thought I was definitely going to putĀ  Nike down as my first choice for capstone. But I was wrong. On Sunday morning I was having second thoughts of putting Nike down as my first choice for capstone. I think I was having these thoughts because I thought Nike wasn’t really something I would enjoy as a capstone topic. So I decided I might put Nike down as my second choice for capstone. All Sunday I kept thinking and thinking of what too do for a capstone project. Nothing came to my mind. On Monday morning I woke up so nervous that I wouldn’t find something too do and end up with Nike. When I was in the car driving to school that Monday morning my mom was listing all these topics for me. Then all the sudden she said firefighting. Yes that was perfect! I don’t know why that was interestingĀ  too me but I thought that was going too be a great capstone project. On Wednesday I knew what I was going to put for my second and first topic. Firefighting foe my first choice and Nike as my second choice. I was so excited that I found a great topic for me!

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  1. You wrote a great blog post! You really showed how much you thought about that topic and you just so happened to randomly think about firefighting. I really enjoyed your blog post!

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