Capstone (4) Site visit

Hello everyone! For Capstone you need a interview and site visit! I already have talked about my interview. To learn more about my interview you could check my third capstone blog post. Today I will be talking about my site visit. I met with Mrs.Edwards to talk about my interview and site visit. I was […]

Capstone Interview #3

Hello everyone! Let me give you a quick review of everything that has happened so far in capstone. I chose the topic firefighting for capstone. My main inquiry question is “What are the most important things a firefighter does to prepare for various emergency situations”? And I came up with seven sub questions. To learn […]

Ellis Island Field trip

Hello everyone! Today the 5th graders of heathcote school went to ellis island! I thought this was a very fun expierence. We got to ellis island by a bus and ferry. The ferry ride made me a little nocious. When we arrived we looked around and waited for our tour guide to come. When our […]

Polla a La Brasa Misti Restaurant Experience

Hello everyone! Today I went on a field trip to a peruvian ┬árestaurant Pollo a La Brasa Misti Restaurant in porchester..First thing I have to say is that the food is great! But other than the food what was experience of trying different cultural food? When i sat down at my table I realized that […]