Polla a La Brasa Misti Restaurant Experience

Hello everyone!

Today I went on a field trip to a peruvian  restaurant Pollo a La Brasa Misti Restaurant in porchester..First thing I have to say is that the food is great! But other than the food what was experience of trying different cultural food? When i sat down at my table I realized that everyone had to fill out a sheet about what you like. When we got to the table there were to pitchers one looked red and one was water. It took me a second to realize what the red drink was. The red drink was Chicha Morada. We had learned about this drink in spanish class. The drink had pineapple sugar and cinnamon. Right when I had it I was like uhh too much cinnamon. But I realized this is a different culture drink. So I took some more sips then I started to like it then after finishing the cup I loved it! On the answer sheet it said what was your favorite drink. I put Chicha Morada down. Next on the answer sheet  it says do you like the food. After trying the Chicha Morada and the Lomo Saltado I knew I loved the food. So I wrote Me Gusta (I like it)

Next on the sheet it said what is your favorite dish. I had to wait for this one. After trying all the dishes from a different culture I had loved all the food equally. Eventually I came up with Lomo saltado .I came up with Lomo saltado because I really loved beef from another culture. After finishing this part of the sheet you had to ask the other kids at your table these same questions. When it was time to leave I noticed how great it is to try another culture food.I thought this was a great experience and would really like to try lots of different cultural food!

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