The periodic table

Before we begin I want to talk about my flashlight briefly. I soldered my circuit and made a design¬† for my flashlight so I have finished that.Ok now let’s start. So a few weeks ago In technology we learned the periodic table. The periodic table was very cool. We learned it by a song. “There’s […]

Working on Flashlights

In technology we have just started the best project ever! It is so fun! The project is to make a waterproof flashlight. And so far it has been going great. Before we get to the fun part we have to make a diagram. My diagram didn’t take me to long to make. My diagram showed […]

Making Switches

In technology we have been working on switches. You may ask what is a switch? A switch is to turn on and off a electric circuit. ¬†In technology we each have not make three switches. And I thought what could make my switches interesting. Ok so first things first. For materials we get one big […]

Making my Soldering person

Hello there! Today I am going to be talking about making my soldering person. What is Soldering? Soldering is for melting medal and connecting it. You Can make alot of things by soldering.In technology we have been working on our soldering person. It is so fun. First we cut some wire and wrapped it around […]