Box Project part 2

Ever since my last post I have moved further on in my box project. In class we had more demonstrations on how to cut off the top of your box and adding the curved top to add a cool effect. Ever since my last post i had measured my 8 by 5s and needed more wood, now these are what they look like:

They have been nicely sanded and cut, the hardest part of getting them to this shape was definitely the part of drawing your cuts, it is so hard to make them perfect. Before this happened I still needed more wood, I got it started to make my cut lines for the sides. This was even harder then doing the cuts for the 8 by 5s because I really kept messing it up so I had to erase a lot. I finished that and got them cut and here is what they look like:

After I got all my pieces cut, it was time to sand. This was going to take a couple because I needed to sand all six pieces, and each of the sides and their front and back so in total I had to sand 36, 6 pieces for each block. I actually enjoyed sanding, It was fun because it is less stressful then making your lines perfect and cutting, you cant really mess up when sanding unless you sands to hard. For some pieces I had to sand harder to make them more even. Right now I have finished sanding and am ready to glue the sides together I am NOT ready to glue the top and bottom. Overall this box project has been really fun so far and I cant wait to continue!


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