The Box Project

In technology seven we have been working on a box project. We had made a cardboard model and now are working on the real project. The cardboard model helped me because it shows me how my final box would be and gave me practice. The tools that we use I feel that they are very helpful. Here is a photo of my cardboard project:

When I was measuring my wood I faced many challenges such as getting it on point. Things I found satisfying were making my Cardboard model. The most frustrating part in this project was drawing lines on the wood. In the next six weeks of technology seven I will obviously be finishing my box project, like sanding my wood and cutting it, glueing it and making it into a final box. I will like to make a soldering dog and put it in my box, if there is time I would also like to stamp it. Here is a photo of my wood so far, I need more wood though to keep measuring:

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