Capstone Essay

A little while ago we were assigned to write an essay with all our information in it that we would turn into our script later. at first I was just copying down all my information i got, but then i had to edit and revise my essay i did not like that part because if i changed one thing i needed to change another thing for it to make sense. my favorite part was writing my concludion because that means that i was done writing my essay beacause it took me a long time to write my essay. overall i like my final product it is not the best but I am still proud of it here it is:


Have you ever wondered how Covid impacts the human body? Today I am going to be talking about the way the symptoms of the different variants of covid compare,what parts of the body does covid impact,what are the different effects for different ages,how do we reduce the impact from covid on the human body and what are the after effects from getting covid.

These are 5 different covid variants (not all the variants) and these are the ways some compare. Delta and alpha compare because Alpha was the first variant of covid and the first variant of covid was the worst kind because a lot of people had to go to the hospital also alpha is more intense than delta. Alpha has worse symptoms than delta such as, brain fog, very high fever,loss of taste or smell and difficulty breathing. While delta’s symptoms are,sore throat,headache,runny nose and a fever.Zeta and SARS are different because SARS is just like a normal cold or flu like symptoms. An example of its symptoms are,fever,runny nose,dry cough and body pain while Zeta’s symptoms are, fever,sore or scratchy throat,chills,body aches and skin irritations. Some of zeta’s symptoms are worse than SARS. Omicron and Delta compare because Omicron is worse than Delta. Omicron has more intense symptoms but only some of them are worse than Delta. The symptoms of Omicron are, sneezing,brain fog,dizziness,fever and or body pain and that is a little worse than delta. All of these five variants compare because they all have different symptoms based on how recent the variant was a variant. For example, alpha is the worst because it was the first variant of covid ever so a lot of people were in the hospital but Delta,Omicron,SARS and Zeta came after that and they were not that bad. Many people got the vaccines and then some of the variants came out so it made it seem like the variants were not that bad but they were not as bad as alpha even without the vaccine.

Covid impacts some parts of the body such as…kidneys,brain and heart. Kidneys remove waste and extra water and help balance blood pressure. Some people with Covid 19 have kidney damage even if they did not have anything wrong with their kidneys before they got covid. More than 30% of people with covid have developed kidney damage. More than 50% of people with covid need a lot of care for their kidneys.the heart pumps blood to all the parts of your body and gives you the nutrients you need. If covid impacts your heart it will make it harder for your heart to pump blood and it can cause heart disease and or lack of oxygen and air. The brain controls your memory, your actions,your emotions,your vision,your breathing, your hunger and your motor skills.Some people with covid have brain fog. Brain fog is when you take slower to think or lose your memory. Some people with covid also have died because it affected the brain too much. You can also forget how to do things and have trouble sitting and concentrating. Covid does impact the human body but not every part. This is important because it is not good for covid to impact these parts because the brain is one of the main most important parts of your body and the heart and kidneys help your blood and blood is very important to your body it makes you live and if your heart does not beat and pump blood you will die 100%.

There are a lot of effects and symptoms but you can have different symptoms and effects based on your age for example babies one and over can be at high risk because they don’t have the vaccine but babies don’t really get sick they might have a fever or a cold but that is it. For kids 5-17 might have flu like symptoms or a cold or a cough, nothing that bad. For young adults they could lose their taste and or smell for a few hours. For adults 60 and over can have severe health issues and must be treated immediately. People 80 and over will most likely have fatal results but if they get treated right away and get good care they might survive but barely and need to stay in the hospital. Children seem to get less affected by covid than older people.

There are ways to reduce the impact on the human body from covid for example,if you have a runny nose or a cold then take cold medicine and if you have a cough, take a cough drop. There is no real official way to make your symptoms go away or better. You also should not have too much salt or sugar because that makes them worse.also if you worry about it then it will make you worse. There is no official thing to reduce the impact because there are so many variants of covid and all of them have different symptoms so doctors and scientists would need to make a lot of medicines to reduce the impact. Also not all symptoms can be reduced because if there is not already a medicine for the symptoms you have then you can’t make them better. Also reducing the impact will not make covid go away faster it will just make you feel better. Also to reduce the impact you should rest and not be on a screen too much because it could make you nauseous but you should get a lot of rest and get fresh air it will make you feel better. The vaccines make it so it is harder for you to get it and makes it so you don’t have it as bad but the vaccine does not always work for some people and some people can’t get it because some people could be allergic to it also some people might only have the 1st vaccine but there are 2. Another example is you can wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 second and you could wear a mask but you need to make sure it is over your mouth and nose because if it is below your nose or mouth it is not really protecting you.There are ways to reduce the impact but there is no official way to reduce the impact on the human body from covid.

There are a lot of after effects of getting covid and here are some of them. For example, long covid. Long covid is when you don’t have covid anymore but you still have a little covid left in your body so you still have a cough or something but no one else can catch it but it can last for weeks,months or even years! Another example is, you can’t get covid for 3-4 months after getting it! You can’t get it again in 3 months because your body knows it makes you sick so it knows to fight it off and it knows how to fight it off. A third example is, you could have brain damage so you could have trouble listening and sitting in your seat and you also might lose your memory! Also you might need medical care because of covid or you might have trouble walking. Also it depends which covid variant you have because you could have no after effects but if you do have after effects you are most likely going to have long covid it does not usually last for years but it can it will probably last for a few months.

Overall,you learned how some of the covid variants compare,the parts of the body covid impacts, the effects/symptoms for different ages,the ways to reduce the impact on the human body and the after effects of getting covid. Thank you for listening! 🙂