my maze

                    My Maze

                                                      Abraham Beals


   One day in Woodstock, New York my best friend’s Leroi, Cedar, and I were sitting together drawing funny pictures for our story Mystery Monsters. It was about a bunch of alien detectives who live in a medieval looking place if knights rode spaceships.  When Cedar said, “You know, we should make a company that makes fun activity books for kids. We should make mazes, stories, and things that use math to draw.” 


 “First things first, let’s make that maze!” I said. “Let’s get some volunteers!” said Leroi. “How big should  we make our maze?” questioned Cedar. “We should make our maze cross pages,” I said. “Good idea!” said Cedar. “Let’s get started!” and so we did. We spent days and days and by the end of the semester we had finished 163 pages of the greatest maze of all time! “Whoa,” I said when we were done. We had only filled up one of the five notebooks we had.                                                                       


“Now, what should we name our maze?” asked Leroi. “Dauldeus’s Maze, after the greek maze maker Dauldeus’s.” I said. “Yeah, good name I’m in!” said Leroi. “Yeah, me too!” said Cedar.  I said, “Well, that settles it, Dauldeus’s Maze it is.”


                    THE  END                            

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