My grandpa

My grandpa means the world to me for these three reasons:he teaches me almost everything I know. He always takes me places when i’m bored,and he allows me to listen in on political conversations for all these reasons and many more I love my grandpa.


My first reason is he teaches me almost everything I know. For example. when I was four years old I had just  saw the basketball playoffs and I asked my grandpa to teach me how to play basketball. Even though he wanted to keep watching the playoffs he came and taught me how to play.


My second reason is he always cheers me up when i’m sad. For example, one time when four, I got sad because no one wanted to throw a football with me. Then my grandpa came along and said “I’ll throw the football with you Abraham!” and before I knew it, everyone was playing was playing football with us! All thanks to my grandpa.


My third and final reason is he always lets listen me listen in on family conversations. For example he once caught me     ease dropping.and instead of scolding me he let me listen in!


Now i hope you see how much i love my grandpa! Do you have someone you love? 















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